Oh Hey it's my blog

It's funny that I have a blog on my website and this is the first time I am writing on it because anyone who knows me knows I love telling stories and I have so many to tell. I get stressed out about writing them down though as many writers do. I think they say the main cure for writers block is to actually just start writing. Here we go.

December 19th, 2018.

First week of summer break here in Melbourne and I am a literal starving artist. I am beginning to look for work in design because working hospitality is draining my soul and creativity. It is easy to get a job in hospo, but I want to be an artist and a designer. I want to live my life through my creativity. So today I am updating my CV and sending out to 5 specific companies that are my dream jobs. EVERYBODY FINGERS CROSSED I GET ONE OF THEM!

Okay so in other news I am not sure how many people out there know me well enough to know that I have synesthesia and my paintings are the visual explosions I see around life. Well apparently that is what is happening because for a while when I was younger I thought everyone saw that stuff too. Some psychologist here sat me down and asked me what I was seeing and compared it to other notes and was like, cool that sound like this thing called Synesthesia. Essentially I am this super cool super hero who has heightened sense of visuals and auditory senses. I see pretty colours around things and I connect colour and sound together. So I painted this huge painting of the colours I was seeing around people who inspired me in life and presented it at my last exhibition. I painted it on the back of a huge vinyl safeway ad and to store it I have to roll it up but I cannot leave it rolled up because it will wreck the paint, so It is laying on my lounge room floor and it is driving us crazy. Do we think it is acceptable to use a painting as a carpet? Jury says absolutely not so we cannot walk on 2 square meters of our lounge in a room that is 3 meters by 3 meters. I need to get it to a gallery ASAP. I saw that Brett Whitely essentially brought a huge painting into one of the leading galleries and just was like... "Here take this... there are more where this one comes from too." He did this before he was a known artist. What do you think? Should I be that ballsy too and just take my work into the galleries and see how it goes.